With Craft.CASE you can easily get your BPA done. The tool leads you according to a complex and powerful method. Even though it may seem difficult, it is actually very simple to use.

  • Business Process Analysis and Design

  • Business Process Cost Analysis

  • Business Process Optimalization

  • Software Design

What make us different?

Advanced Simulation Control

Craft.CASE has a unique ability to remember the decision and use the same or the derived decision later.

The C.C Method

Discover existing processes and systems
Design new processes and systems
Define the IT software structure for those processes and systems that are to be supported by IT.

Built in API

Make automatic changes to the project
Create customized reports
Compute aggregated values based on the model
Add new export formats
Extend Craft.CASE functionality

Control Model Consistency

Craft.CASE combines a strict adherence to powerful method, with support for solving general problems.

Key Features