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Craft.CASE is a tiny but powerful Business process analysis tool. Do you just need to visualize or define your processes and do not care how it is done? In this case, of course, any drawing tool will be sufficient for you. On the other hand, with many BPA tools you can locate inefficiencies, performance deviations or errors. Now let’s discuss the aspects of complexity, consistency, methodological support and possibility of simulations, which separate the wheat from the chaff.

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The new version with Undo and Redo functionality has been released!

We have reached our big milestone to implement Undo and Redo actions. Now we are testing these features. Till we release it we have prepared for you the last pre-milestone version - even though it is without Undo and Redo actions, it has many ergonomic improvements.

We have initiated an effort to accommodate Craft.CASE to the Mac environment. We want to build a seamless port of our tool so that Mac users would work with Craft.CASE like with any Mac-native application.

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This issue is focused on using your business process model to evaluate the process costs. At the first glance, you might get impression that Craft.CASE doesn’t have support for cost analysis. However, there is nothing easier than customizing it to do so. Afterwards you will just need to evaluate each activity in appropriate business diagram with costs needed to execute the activity, print a cost report and fill in some necessary data such a how often the process is executed. And that’s it. The cost analysis is automatically computed.

Let’s illustrate how to make a cost analysis step by step on the following example.

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