From inside Craft.CASE

"Even as a little boy I liked to rack my brains with various logical problems, which were not easy to solve. Nowadays, when I’m given requests for Craft.CASE functionality, I feel the same way. Every time I am given a unique task, it requires knowledge of all modern technologies. Professional graphics, team collaboration support (and this also means network solutions), security and databases are part of every day's programme. Moreover I have to ensure that the tool is multiplatform and works in all environments, regardless of operating system.

I enjoy that every task makes me work together with my colleagues, analyse the problem and propose a satisfactory and powerful solution. Moreover, there is ample time for quality testing of the implemented solution. Indeed, none of the work is routine.

Also, the environment for Craft.CASE development is very flexible. I can learn correct programming customs from people who have been developing Craft.CASE long before my arrival, which is something that I’m extremely thankful for."

Carl Beyer, programmer & analyst


"What is the greatest thing about the programming of the Craft.CASE tool? Actually, for me I think that  it is almost everything.  Ever since college, I've been interested in object oriented programming, design patterns, agile development, and methods of software development and testing. When we work on Craft.CASE, we use all of these.

I'm currently developing in Smalltalk; which I believe to be the most productive environment for integrated development in the world. I've joined forces with people, who really enjoy their job, and I love to pick their brains – they seem to be the experts around here. The work itself is very diverse. It touches many subjects that are usually known only theoretically; such as networking, cryptography, graph algorithms, databases, user interface design, software engineering, inter-processes communication, and many others.

Moreover, the whole team aims for the same goal; we want premium quality  in an extremely user-friendly product. When we agree with our testers or real users on an idea when implementing a new feature or an improvement, we start working on it immediately. As far as smaller features are concerned, they can be implemented, tested and even released within a few hours without any inefficient bureaucracy. We have great trust in our product’s stability and functionality, since it is tested thoroughly. These days, we have over five thousand unit tests covering most of the Craft.CASE functionality. It makes me happy to be part of a team whose work is meaningful and whose efforts bear fruit in so many different fields."

Thomas Dwerk, programmer & analyst